Eco Installer are helping customers take the next step with the use of solar whilst moving in to the new era of motoring with Electrical Vehicles.

Solar energy is so versatile, it can be used to provide electricity for your property and hot water (with the use of an immersion controller) and another exciting way of using the power you are generating from your solar system is to power your electrical vehicles.

A solar array matched with electrical charging units allows you to gain from the Government Incentive the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) whilst eliminating exhaust pollution and reducing carbon emissions.

Electric powered cars are here to stay. According to the DVLA, from September this year (2015), there were over 1 million electrical cars on the road powered by free, clean energy harnessed from the Sun.  This is now an affordable reality.

Be in control of your energy usage, say goodbye to fossil fuels and travel environmentally friendly.

Eco Installer can install an integrated solar array with electrical vehicle charging stations, future proofing your home or business and providing an income for years to come. From High streets, car parks, homes, work places to hotels and sports centres, our team has it covered.

For more information about the installation of an EV charging station or a Solar system please give us a call 01353 669000 or e-mail us