If you are looking to replace your current central heating system or considering a new heating system, the Aquarea T-Cap air source heat pump is likely to be your ideal solution.

Panasonic manufactured the first air source heat pump heat pump in 1973, with 42 years of experience and knowledge it is easy to see why they are leading suppliers of heat pumps.

We are often asked if heat pumps are less efficient in the winter months, with the Aquarea T-Cap system you can be confident of high efficiency levels all year round, even in winter months. Panasonic are proud to state that their heating system works to temperatures as low as -20 degrees C.

A Panasonic system has low noise levels, is discreet and needs little space. There is no need to make constant changes as the sophisticated heat pump weather compensates automatically, but if you would like to make a change to the settings you can relax knowing that the system is easy to use. With an internet connection, you are able to control the system from where ever you are, even in a different country.

For new builds and houses undergoing a renovation, an air source heat pump is often the most efficient option because low energy houses are best matched to a low energy heat source. The innovate system is highly compatible with other efficient energy systems such as under-floor heating and solar panels. A complete solution to meet your family’s heating and hot water demands.

Eco Installer are delighted to be a Panasonic Pro Partner. As part of the partnership we enjoy being able to pass on a 7 year warranty to our clients following an installation by our team.

Our Renewable Heating Engineers are busy installing the Aquarea air source heat pumps across Cambridgeshire and feedback from customers has been extremely positive. To view our air source heat pump case studies please click here.

Panasonic have made a fantastic video explaining how the T-Cap Aquarea Air Source Heat Pump works and the benefits. Please click here to view.