• Panasonic Etherea Air to Air Heat Pump
  • mydlink Smart Controls
  • Dimplex Langbrook 5kW Multi-Fuel Stove
  • Cylinder
  • Electric Radiator

April 2016


Venasque, France

Project details:

Shortly after installing the Hargassner Biomass Boiler at the family home in Barton Mills, Suffolk, James gave us a call to see if we could consider installing a renewable heating system at his second home in Venasque, France.

James explained that he was keen to use Eco Installer to travel 800 miles and do an installation because he wanted up-to-date technology and felt he could rely on Eco Installer to complete the job and communicate with him better than a local company.

James provided us with architect drawings and photos of the four bedroomed medieval house. James mentioned that, because of the thick walls, the property in the South of France tends to get very hot in the summer months and rather chilly in the winter months. He was using regular fans to cool the property and wondered if there was an eco-friendly way to cool and heat the property efficiently throughout the year.

Roly explained that Eco Installer offer a unique twist on standard air conditioning systems by providing a cooling and heating solution from Panasonic. The Panasonic Ethera Air to Air Heat Pump would allow James to enjoy refreshing air while reducing energy consumption by up to 50%. The Ethera features the Nanoe-G Air Purification system, which is so efficient that whilst reducing energy consumption, it also effectively removes 99% of micro-organisms from the air to ensure the cleanest living environment. (Please click here to see the Nanoe-G Air Purification system in action.)

Roly mentioned that Eco Installer could install Smart Controls allowing James to access and monitor his property from a smart phone or tablet from any location including the UK. After looking at a range of Smart Products, it was agreed that the ‘mydlink’ range would meet James requirements. James decided to have nine mydlink products installed including heating and hot water controls allowing him to heat the property ready for his arrival from England.

We worked closely with James leading up to the installation and throughout the project. Our engineers Will, Karl and Jack completed the installation over 5 days and enjoyed their time at the stunning French property.

The heat pump replaced the previous electric system and was neatly installed in the beautiful garden area and the new cylinder was placed out of view in the garage. In the cooler months the family can enjoy the cosiness of the elegant 5kW Langbrook Multi-fuel stove installed in the contemporary living room.

James is looking forward to his next trip to France to test out the new heating and cooling system!


“We were so impressed with the professional and friendly way Will and the team from Eco Installer worked at our home in England that it was fairly easy to make up our minds to ask them to improve the rather antiquated (and expensive to run) electric heating system at our house in France. If it had just been upgrading the radiators we had wanted, it would have made sense to find a local electrician but we decided on a once-in-a-lifetime upgrade to include air conditioning in the bedrooms (necessary when the still summer nights can remain in the high thirties) and smart controls throughout so we can get house warmed up before we arrive during the colder winter months. Whilst they were there, we decided they should also install a multi-fuel stove so that all the heat is not lost up the chimney when we have a fire! We are looking forward to checking out the AC this summer and, of course, we will have to go again in the winter to see the effectiveness of the heating side of things.” James