Spring 2014
– 25kW Eco Angus Orligno 200 Log Gasification Boiler
– Under-floor heating
– Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery
– Rainwater Harvesting System
– Two Bathrooms
– Electrical works

Project details:
David contacted us when designing his new family home in Murrow, Cambridgeshire. David had viewed our website and was keen to use a local company who could help with a whole-house installation instead of using lots of different companies or sub-contractors.

Roly met with David and went though his requirements and architect plans. David explained that the property was off-grid and was keen to have an energy efficient heating system installed allowing the family to generate his own clean energy. He mentioned that he had a plentiful supply of wood which he wished to utilise. David was also interested in having an under-floor system fitted right through the ground floor of the property and radiators installed on the first floor.

David was keen to find out the suitability of having a Rain Water Harvesting system installed for the use of toilets, washing machines and outside use. Roly clarified how the system would work and the many benefits from investing in this solution. There was an ideal space in the garden where the system could be installed discreetly.

As the family home was going to have such a good level of installation throughout, Roly discussed the benefits of having a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system installed to help the property ‘breath’ preventing any mould problems which may develop in time. The sophisticated system works by drawing in fresh air from the outside of the building, while extracting stale air from within the house at the same time. As the fresh air and stale air travel through the counter-flow heat exchanger inside the unit, the thermal energy from the used air can be taken and used to heat the fresh incoming air, providing an ideal solution for the property.

From the requirements outlined by the family and the information from the heat-loss calculations, David and Roly decided that the installation of an 25kW Eco Angus Orligno 200 Log Gasification Boiler was most appropriate to meet the family’s heating and hot water demands whilst utilising the available wood, providing further savings.

Our engineers positioned the Log Gasification Boiler and buffer tank neatly in the customers garage. Once the Log Gasification boiler was in place, our team were able to integrate the system to enhance the capabilities of the properties newly installed under-floor heating.

Our engineers worked closely with the builders ensuring the project ran smoothly and without any disruptions. Our team installed the Log Gasification Boiler, Nu-Heat under-floor system and bathrooms, followed by the Rain Water Harvesting system. Mike, our Electrician fitted the MVHR system throughout the whole property.

The family are now living in the property and benefitting from constant heating and hot water. As the Eco Angus Log Gasification Boiler is MCS accredited, the family is reaping the benefits from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for every kWh of renewable energy produced. The family are delighted with the new home and are enjoying a constant supply of fresh air from the MVHR system and the warmth provided from the Log Gasification Boiler and under-floor heating.

Log Gasification Boiler


Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery