Autumn 2015

Installation Details:

  • Vaillant Combi Gas Boiler 824 Ecotec
  • LoPro™Max Under-floor Heating
  • 4kW Colbeck Multi-Fuel Stove

Project Details:

Paul called our office when looking to upgrading the heating system for his family home. He had a few different options in mind which he wanted to go through with a member of our Sales Team.

Shane arranged a visit to Paul’s bungalow in Wentworth to find out the requirements and carry out a site survey with a heat-loss calculation.

Paul explained that his only heating source was an old wood burner. Paul clarified that he didn’t want radiators and piping on the walls of the bungalow as he felt this would take up too much room. He was keen to find out the suitability of having under-floor heating installed throughout the property.

Following the site visit, Shane suggested a 4kW Colbeck Multi-Fuel stove to replace the existing aging wood burner which would fit comfortably in the existing fire place.

A LoPro™Max Under-floor Heating system was recommended as this solution offers the very best low profile under-floor heating and also benefits from low running costs. The LoPro™Max Under-floor Heating system heats up as quickly as a radiator, is simple to install and is only 22mm in height. This solution was ideal for Paul’s property.

Shane suggested having a Vaillant Combi 824 Ecotec Gas Boiler installed neatly in the bathroom taking up minimal space. This would heat the under-floor heating system and also provide electricity for all appliances.

Paul was pleased with the quote and information received and work began on site shortly after the initial meeting. We worked alongside Paul throughout the project as he was keen to be involved as much as possible.

The installation took our engineers Sam and Dayne just four to complete. We enjoyed working with Paul on this project and having his assistance when needed.

Paul and his family are delighted with their new heating systems and are enjoying a warm and cosy home.