Introducing Infrared Heating Panels, the Simple and effective Heating Solution

Infrared heating works in a different way to conventional heating, it heats the fabric of the building, and the objects within, instead of heating the air in the room. These objects retain the heat and release this evenly throughout the space, without the problems associated with convection systems that create cold spots, dry hot air and dust.

This modern and innovative way to heat a property not only looks great but takes up very little space allowing you to maximise the space of each room. Infrared panels can be wall or ceiling mounted or freestanding and come in a range of shapes, sizes and finishes to suit the decor and design of the room.

Infrared heating provides clean and dry air, giving a comfortable environment whilst reducing condensation and mould within a properties infrastructure. As this system heats the contents of the room not the air, less dust is circulated which is great news for asthma suffers.

The panels are 100% energy efficient, 100% controllable and 100% safe.

Infrared Heating Solutions for every environment

Home, conservatory, garage, patio, office, spa, shops, care homes, you name it – there is an infrared panel for every environment. The panels can easily blend in to the decor of each room or if you are looking for something to stand out why not choose from a mirror, blackboard and a piece of art or a favourite family photo.

Easy installation and low maintenance

As there are no moving parts, the panels are easy to install with minimal disruption. There is virtually no maintenance involved.


The panels are operated by a wireless programmable room thermostat. The user friendly controls are easy to programme and allows you to have complete control of the heating system. We have a ‘Panelwave’ ceiling infrared panel with controls in our Ely office, we welcome you in to come and have a look.

Energy Saving

When a room is heated by infrared panels, the room retains the heat for longer allowing you to run the heating less often, providing significant energy savings. Compared to any other electrical heating system infrared will use less than 55% electricity when on, so even when it is providing a great comfort benefit, it is saving energy.

Range of Infrared Panels:

To view the complete range of infrared panels including picture heating, diskus, and enamelled heating panels please see the Redwell GB website which has a host of information, including videos, product ranges, case studies as well as a very handy Room Wattage Calculator to allow you to begin to plan your systems.

Blackboard Heating Panels (image to the right):

The blackboard panel compliments any room and is especially complimentary for an office, kitchen or child’s bedroom. Whether you want to keep important notes, keep your diary, or let your children get creative.

Glass Heating Panel (image to the right):

The unique 3D effect glass surfaces come in 3 different effects – “Circles”, “Waves” and “Frost Flower”, each providing a very special touch. This panel complements any room but in particular a kitchen, living room or an office.

Bathroom Heating (image to the right):

The frameless mirror panels offer practical and discreet heating. The beautiful mirrors will sit quite indiscernibly on your lounge wall, above the fireplace or in the bathroom where you don’t need to worry about them misting over. Or how about a heated towel rail as a practical alternative

Eco Installer, based in Ely, Cambridgeshire are Redwell approved installers of the infrared products. For more information or to book an appointment, please give our team a call on 01353 669000 or e-mail

Round ceiling panel
Round ceiling panel

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Blackboard heating panel
Blackboard heating panel
Glass heating panel
Glass heating panel
Mirror heating panel
Mirror heating panel

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