Eco Installer are pioneers of the latest water saving and heat recovery technology that can collect, filter, store and reuse household water. The following systems can be installed as part of a new build or as a retrofit:

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting collects rainfall for reuse and can provide some of the cleanest naturally occurring water, allowing you to re-use the water.

As well as being economical, rain water harvesting has other advantages:

  • Independent supply of water during times of restriction
  • Prevents flooding in low-lying areas
  • Free from chemicals and dissolved minerals and salt from the soil
  • Good source for landscape irrigation and no need for a filtration system
  • Domestic systems are relatively easy to install and operate
  • Preserves both water and energy
  • May reduce water costs 
Greywater Reuse

Greywater systems reduces a home’s water consumption by around a third and is simple to install and use. A revised plumbing setup takes all waste water from baths and showers and redirects it through a compact filtration unit and treats it with a proprietary disinfectant. The treated water is piped onto supplying all flushing water needs for multiple toilets. If one toilet is specified, gravity feed is sufficient. If two or more are connected, an electrically pumped feed is provided within the unit.

Waste Water Heat Recovery

Waste water heat recovery systems (WWHRS) transfer heat from discharged waste shower water into the incoming supply. This means that taking a shower can cost less – or last longer using the same amount of hot water as before. Either way the occupant enjoys enhanced user comfort and lower energy consumption.

They feature a heat exchanger that forms part of the vertical section of the waste drain pipe leading to a soil pipe. Typically this is a straight two metre length featuring a pipe in- pipe design. The waste water flows out through the inner pipe, while the clean cold water passes through the outer pipe, where it is heated, between 15°C – 19°C by the outgoing hot water. This reduces the energy required by the boiler to bring the shower water to the desired temperature.

They require no regular maintenance, no user interface and can be installed in existing as well as new homes. They are also recognised within the SAP assessment process.

Water Recycling – Your Questions Answered

If you are thinking about installing either Rainwater Harvesting or Greywater Reuse, it is perfectly reasonable that you might have questions that need answering.

Eco Installer are experienced with rain water harvesting, including plumbing in accordance with the latest regulations and have been working with Rainwater Harvesting Ltd and Kingspan and other manufacturers, for the last 10 years.

For the latest information on the different options and other solutions please call Eco Installer on 01353 669000, pop into our green showroom at 69 High Street, Sutton, Ely, Cambs, CB6 2NL, or fill in the form with your particular questions or or requirements.

Rainwater Harvesting

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