Increased insulation, modern double glazing, closed trickle vents and affordability of warmth all result in poor ventilation. Sleeping, cooking, bathing and drying washing indoors creates moisture that cannot escape as the properties are no longer permeable and traditional drafts have all been sealed up.  Moisture will simply collect at any cold spots in the property i.e. windows and north facing walls.

There is a growing body of research pointing to a link between an improved energy efficiency of homes and increased incidents of asthma and other health issues related to indoor air quality. Damp and mould, even if less visible, can become more dangerous in airtight homes without adequate, continuous ventilation. We have seen first-hand the impact of this on tenants and home-owners and we have seen the huge difference that adequate ventilation can make.

Eco Installer are delighted to be an approved installer of the Ventive Passive Ventilation with Heat Recovery system (PVHR).

Passive Ventilation with Heat Recovery is looking set to revolutionise home ventilation. The system is a natural, non-mechanical product that is able to ventilate homes and resolve any of the increasingly-common moisture and damp problems homeowners and business owners experience with modern buildings. Left unchecked, these issues can lead to a range of problems, from eczema and asthma brought on by living in a damp environment, to a range of problems with your decor.

This brilliant system can be fitted, and will almost immediately resolve problems with dampness, taking out damp, moist air, bringing in cool, dry air and then transferring the heat, so that the energy expended in heating the property doesn’t go to waste. And once it is installed, there is no need to do any more work, and there is no expenditure in terms of electricity or other moving parts.

Unlike other heat recovery with ventilation systems, the passive system has no running costs and is also very simple to use. Once the PVHR system is installed, damp never returns. Truly fit and forget, no moving parts and no maintenance.

How does Passive Ventilation with Heat Recovery work?

As warm air rises though the PVHR, the heat is collected by the highly efficient heat exchanger and then simply returned back into the property at low level recovering up to 95% of the heat.

Passive Ventilation with Heat Recovery relies on natural passive stack. The system recovers up to 95% of heat and can be retrofitted into an existing unused chimney stack (system) or though the insulation of a new purpose made ventilation stack (S+ system).

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Our team are busy quoting this system for both new builds and building undergoing a renovation across Cambridgeshire. Please view our case studies where all our installations are listed.

If you are considering a passive ventilation system please give our team in Ely, Cambridgeshire a call on 01353 669000 who are on hand to provide you with a warm, comfortable and healthy home to live in.

For more information on the Ventive PVHR products please download the Ventive Brochure.

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How Passive Ventilation with Heat Recovery works: 

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