With fluorescent lighting being faded out, we highly recommend the use of light-emitting diode lighting (LED); they consume 48% less energy than most fluorescent lights and give a superior appearance. LED’s are currently the fastest growing sector in lighting and it’s safe to say that LED lighting will be the preferred lighting choice for new builds and replacement systems.

LED lights may cost slightly more to purchase but your lighting costs will be reduced by up to 70% giving you outstanding savings and offers zero free maintenance for life and can last up to 20 years. LED provides a touch of elegance to any office and unlike fluorescent lighting, LEDs do not emit infrared radiation or harmful UV rays therefore, they can be installed near people and materials, and in tight spaces where conventional sources could be dangerous. We have highly accomplished electricians who will advise you on the best lighting options and will work with you to provide the most energy efficient system.

LED lighting can be used within your home, office or factory. With the various designs and options available, we are able you work with you to provide the most effective solution for your requirements.

We are currently working with a few Commercial properties in Ely, improving lighting systems in office areas, production areas and toilets by installing LED lighting. Once completed, you will be able to read about the projects in more detail on our case study page.

If you have any questions regarding LED lighting, visit our FAQ or call us on 01353 669000.

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